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"In 1979 I went through a painful divorce which fundamentally changed my life. At the time I had many woman friends who were empathic and supportive in my process. Talking to them helped but at the same time I was angry, at my wife, at women, at the circumstances of divorce. I felt like I needed to talk to other men. I was living in Vermont at the time and finding other like minded men was not easy to do. I started a small men's group. In Boston, a few years later, I started another men's group. I found that talking to other men, while it did not fix the problem, gave me  a way to express my feelings with guys who knew what I was going through. I have been facilitating men's groups now for over 20 years and I still find that I get as much from listening to the participants in groups as they get from being in group. My experiences from the early 1980's led to my becoming a leader in Men's Issues, to learn from national leaders on men's issues! , to do a dissertation on Father Wounds, and work with hundreds of men in the past two decades. Since completing my doctoral degree in 1996, my continuing education and interest has been focused in the area of psychodynamic psychotherapy." C.Tippins

Dr. Carl Allen Tippins has over 20 years experience in counseling and psychotherapy. He holds a doctoral degree in psychology which he earned from The Union Institute in 1996. He received a masterís degree in education from Cambridge College in 1983. 

Dr. Tippins is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State. He has led seminars, groups, and workshops since the early 1980ís in New England and in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Tippins has held administrative and clinical positions in human service organizations since 1977.


Dr. Carl Allen Tippins became interested in counseling in the late 1970ís. He participated in a training group facilitated by Dr. Dawna Markova. This group met one weekend per month, for two years. The training program utilized skills taught in Gestalt Therapy, Psycho-drama, Group Process, expressive therapies, body work, movement therapy, journaling, and Ericksonian Therapy. 

In the mid-1980ís Dr. Tippins began to study with a variety of trainers who used skills taught by Milton Erickson. During this same time, Tippins followed an early interest of his, in Menís Issues, by following the work of Robert Bly, Michael Meade, and other leaders in the mythopoetic menís movement. 

One outcome of his Doctoral work has been an interest in the contemporary studies of psychodynamic or analytic psychotherapy. This varied study in the field of psychotherapy gives Dr. Tippins a wide range of ways of interpreting emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

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