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Many men come to a place in their lives when life as they know it takes an abrupt turn. Transitions are not always invited, but things happen -loss of job, divorce, end of relationship, children leave home, events or experiences that can be difficult to handle or deal with. Men In Transition groups can help you get on with your life, get back into your life, take control of your life. 

The Group as a container

Often men who are experiencing the ending of a relationship or a divorce look for something to help them make this transition in their life. Men In Transition groups are an effective, supportive, and meaningful way to move on. The group works as a container. It has been said that "an affective group, a supportive group, can hold experiences, feelings, emotions, and thoughts that one man alone cannot endure." With over 25 years of experience facilitating and leading Men In Transition groups, Dr. Carl Allen Tippins can help you move into a better way of living your life.  is a web site for men and women who are interested in finding a group for therapy in the Northwest/ Puget Sound region. While Men in Transition groups are for men only, Dr. Tippins also offers Transitions, a psychodynamic group for women and men. In addition he offers services for couples and individuals. This site also provides referral information for other sites with national therapy links.

Carl Allen Tippins, PhD. , LMHC has over 25 years experience working with men in groups, seminars, and in individual therapy. 

He can help you find the right group for you, or provide individual sessions for you. Tippins has been a leader in Men's Issues since 1986.He has helped hundreds of men, like yourself, get through difficult periods of life.

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